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Pandemic Travel Ep. 20 Show Notes

Well, hello YOU! I'm assuming you are here because you listened to our podcast and are wanting some of the details about what we talked about in this particular episode. If not, feel free to skip this post. Or, better yet, go check out our very special 20th episode featuring our first ever guests! We invited our travel savvy friends onto the show to discuss traveling during The 'Rona Pandemic. You can check it out HERE.

Otherwise, scroll on down for links to our favorite masks, sources for risk during COVID, etc.

Relevant articles/studies/SCIENCE surrounding risks whilst traveling:

- MIT on safety of air travel during COVID-19. HERE - JAMA on air travel during COVID-19. HERE

- A recent article from CNN about air travel for those who understandably don't want to read academic articles. HERE

- NPR on road trips, flying, and lodging. HERE

- A post written by our guest, Emily, on travel and risks back in 2018 that is still quite relevant. HERE

Favorite mask brands:

Emily: BeeSure

Anna & Scott: D.R.E. (Not, Dr. Dre)

Baby J: Joy Color

Favorite hand sanitizer:

Eric and Emily's Fabulous Sedona Vacation Rental- Come enjoy the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. For those of you who don't know this is where we stayed during the lockdowns. Not a bad place to hang out while the world is ending, eh? It is a gorgeous home, beautifully decorated, within walking distance to downtown Sedona, and plenty of world-class hiking nearby. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with luxurious amenities like stone tiled walk-in showers, comfy beds, granite countertops, and a private backyard fountain.

*Eric and Emily have been very generous and are offering our readers and listeners 10% off their nightly rate. Click the link HERE and enter code WEAPPRECIATECFT for your discount.*

So, make that American Southwest trip dream come true ASAP!

You can follow Eric and Emily's adventures over at

Travel has never been without risks. As we said in the episode it is very safe, but not perfect. We hope that this is a conversation starter and wish you all the best in your future adventures.


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