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If you are looking for a place with splashy photos of Tea Collection clad toddlers in private jets, good for you, but this probably isn't the blog you are looking for.


Here we catch the red-eye to London in Economy Class and drive to Los Angeles in cars that smell faintly like the Wendy's in Blythe. We have white noise apps on our phones and crushed cracker crumbs in the bottom of our carry ons. Travel is what we do. It is what we love. Having children never stopped us from seeing the world, but it did stop us from traveling light and that is ok. We modify and keep going. Because it is worth it.


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "How do you travel with kids?" It is a valid question, but one I can never answer in a single sentence. Over the years I've written on the subject  and to this day I still can't think of a single post that is comprehensive enough to actually be useful. It is the nature of the beast, really. Doing life with tiny humans in foreign locations creates a constantly changing landscape of needs and strategies for the parents. Couple that with the Instagram status symbol growing popularity of people traveling with young kids, and I decided it might be a good idea to have a blog devoted exclusively to the subject. Much like travel sans children, it is a way of life. That is what this blog is about, the way of life that comes with adventuring with little ones.


Wait. Don't let that last sentence fool you. We are not full time travelers. We have jobs and obligations that keep us at our US address more than we are away from it. We have never been on a cruise, taken "a year off to see the world", or been sponsored by AirBnB. We are a normal family who juggle paid time off allotments, trips to Costco, laundry, budgets, and dog sitting just like everyone else.


My husband and I both traveled as children and so it went (mostly) without saying that we would travel with our family. It is a priority, hobby, and passion of ours. Travel bonds us as a family as much as it helps us broaden our individual horizons.


Not every situation is handled with grace and dignity. And more often that not you'll find us sweating exiting the Paris metro as we hauled the stroller up approximately a thousand steps with one kid licking the handrail. It is madness, but awesome.


Welcome to the cluster fuss.

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