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Privacy Policy, Disclosures, Ad Nauseum

Really, people. Really? This is what the world has come to? We've all gotten so absurdly wimpy and horrible and whiny that now I have to write a legal disclaimer?




General Disclaimer


This website is for entertainment purposes only. ONLY. Any information given and taken from this site is done so at your own risk. You are reading this site of your own free will. This site expresses my own opinion and please, for the love of Pete, do not take anything I say as advice- travel, immigration, legal, medical, tax, veterinary, or otherwise. Go talk to literally one of the THOUSANDS of professionals who specialize in these arenas and leave me out of it.


FTC Disclosure


No one has ever bought me lunch, given me swag, or even paid me for this blog. Quite frankly this is adding insult to injury here.


 Good grief. Do I really have to do this?



Copyright Policy

Cluster Fuss Travel content (words and photos) are mine. MINE. Unless otherwise noted. Obviously. You freaking imbeciles. If you want to quote me (and please do) credit me. K?


Privacy Policy


I don't sell your information to people. I don't even know what that means, but whatever it is, I don't do it. There is likely cookies somewhere. Honestly, it is everywhere. So just be aware of that and you assume all the risks and blah, and blah.

In all seriousness, though - Cluster Fuss Travel may use cookies from it's visitors that allow third parties (including Amazon and other advertisers) to serve content and advertisements, collect information directly from visitors, and place or recognize cookies on visitors’ browsers, and provide information on the visitor’s choices with respect to opting-out from online advertising where required by applicable law.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program this site participates in.  By clicking the link to our recommended products we make a teeny-tiny commission (at no additional cost to you) to help offset the costs of running this site. More info on Amazon's privacy policy can be found HERE.


Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics is a simple website analytics service  which measures the traffic and visitors' general details of the customers' websites. Collecting these statistics, a website can make their visitors' experience better (e.g. which pages they visit and when, where they are approximately located, where does a user land first or if they are coming from a specific referral).

Basically, as a website owner using Visitor Analytics, we are using cookies to collect data about visitors' device type and screen size, approximate location, browser, OS, IPs, page visits, bounce rate, conversions and popular content on the website. All this data is pseudonymized and Visitor Analytics will never use the collected data to identify individual users or to match it with additional information on an individual user. Each visitor has control over the cookies placement.

More info on their privacy policy can be found HERE.

How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish by checking your browser settings on each device - for details, see

For further information, please check Visitor Analytics’ Terms Of Use, Cookie Information and Opt-Out / Do Not Track.


"Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time! " - Monty Python

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