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Meet the Cluster

Hello there!


I'm Anna. Stay at home mom by day. Writer/photographer/podcaster by night. I'm assuming you are here because you'd like some details about who we are and what we are about here at Cluster Fuss Travel.


We are a family of four who enjoys travel and adventure. We started traveling as a family mostly because our season of life and budget coincided with a lot of opportunities to see the world.


About three years ago I decided that our life had settled down enough that I could start a travel blog. You know, the sort of place where I can write about my favorite packing cubes (lingerie bags from the Dollar Store) and the best travel size shampoo Target could offer. You know, just me chronicling our tips/tricks/adventures for any other parent who might want to pack up their munchkins and have an adventure.


Turns out our life never really settled down.  It never really does, does it? It got busier, more disruptive, and less tidy. Still, we kept traveling and I kept writing. Soon it became clear that this blog's purpose was to talk about the one important truth that Conde Nast won't tell you: 

Life doesn't have to be perfect in order to see the world. 

I've been married to my husband, Scott, for the better part of 15 years. (Yes, we married young.) He is the Marty Ginsburg to my RBG and the co-host on our podcast and my in-house tech support for, well, everything. Together we have two cool dudes Charlie (10) and Oliver (7). They are a delight, our joy, and we genuinely aren't sure what we did to deserve them.

We also have two Havanese dogs who were the result of us *thinking* our lives had settled down enough for us to have fancy dogs. Of course, life didn't settle down even a tiny bit and so they have joined our Fuss of Cluster too. They are Phineas and Phoebe, if you're curious.

We hail from all over the American Southwest. California, Texas, and Arizona respectively. Four years ago we moved to an island in the Puget Sound of Washington state thinking that this was "it" for us. This is where we are going to be "from". So we bought a pretty house with a view of the ocean, got said fancy dogs, and sunk our roots deep into the community. We continued to travel to beautiful, fancy places and came back to our home with cherry trees and stand-up paddleboards.


Then 2020 hit with a vengeance and we found ourselves re-evaluating literally everything. We sold our home, off loaded most of our furniture, and have become "digital hobos" in Northern Arizona while we figure out what our next steps are.

Cluster Fuss Travel is still a place where I write about life, travel, and where the two intersect. We are a work and educate from home family who are keenly aware just how lucky we are to have the freedom and ability to see the world.

When we first started traveling with our kids (long before Instagram families had "bucketlists") there wasn't a lot available in terms of "how to survive a trans-Atlantic flight with kids".


The blog and podcast are born from our desire to be the change we wished to see. The Cluster Fuss brand is literally everything I wish I could have had available as a young 28 year old mom of two.
The blog- the podcast- the store. All of it.

 I hope you can find advice, community, or even just know you are not alone.

Come in and stay awhile. I'm so glad you are here.

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