Meet the Cluster

In case you wanted to know more details about our little family, here you go.


We are a family of four, plus two puppies. My husband (Scott) and I (Anna) have been married for 14ish years. Obviously, we have our two little darlings, Charlie (9) and Oliver (6). The puppies are a fairly new addition. Havanese mop-tops who keep us on our toes. If you were to ask my children what their names are they will instantly reply with "Phoebe, but we call her P because she pees everywhere. And Phineas Book Lyons, but say it Bk-lyons. Like baklava." So that is Finny and P.
We live on an island in the Puget Sound, just north of Seattle. Originally we hail from all over the Southwest (Texas, Arizona, California- not in that order) and we have finally landed in our dream location of the Pacific Northwest.


Our days are spent exploring the world around us, juggling laundry, school, travel plans, and pursuing that flighty temptress of a decent family selfie. (We have yet to succeed.)